About Us



To engineer innovative humane, 24/7, life-like, green-energy, effective up to 50 feet, bird deterrent solutions for the marine, residential, and recreational markets


Versus the grind of sweeping bird-residue our goal is to give you, your family and friends additional time to enjoy what we love our patios, porches, pools, lawns, docks, boats and the outdoors or your money back


(1) of (3) bird deterrents designed to keep birds off while harnessing the natural energy of the wind or waves to generate life-like characterizations of a ready to pounce predator. The "Gull Cat" which is on duty 24/7 keeps birds away from your property within a radius of 40-50 feet


Primary material - UV resistant plastic covered by weather-proof artificial-fur. Using green-energy the stainless-steel springs - pro-actively allows the head and tail to move naturally spooking birds and pests. The "Gull Cat" opens to allow adding weight to provide stability and has built-in tie-down tether points


Every member of the “Gulls Gotta Go” team grew up enjoying and respecting the surrounding wildlife. Due to our passion,  after decades of experimenting with traditional bird deterrent solutions, the original “Gull Gotta Go” founders recognized the demand for reliable, humane, green-energy, 24/7 solutions to keep birds off one's boat, dock, garden, patio, pool, and porches