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About Us

Keep Birds Off


Every member of the “Gulls Gotta Go” team grew up enjoying and respecting the ocean and surrounding wildlife. Due to our waterfront beginnings, after decades of experimenting with traditional solutions, the original “Gull Gotta Go” founders recognized the demand for reliable humane solutions to ward off birds and pests from one's property.  

Frustrated with empty promises meant to keep birds off one's boat, patio, pool and porches “Gulls Gotta Go” founders recalled as young boys the owner of a marina feeding feral cats, store-bought cat food knowing the cats would keep the rats and birds off his property.

After decades of dealing with bird-residue, our founders created a life-like, green-energy, action-orientated cat and placed it upon a boat. Seeing the boat, no-longer covered with bird-residue it wasn't long before neighboring boats and dock owners began asking where and how they could purchase a “Bird Cat”.