"Cat moves with the wind....I'm enjoying my dock and boat again." Lynn P., Sandusky, OH

Boat Bird Deterrent, Bird Repellent, Bird Control Device

Using mother nature's 24/7 (wind or waves) we create life-like products that keep birds away up to 50 feet

How You Ask? 

Using weatherproof artificial fur and tried and tested stainless steel springs the action-orientated "Bird Scare Cat" moves in all conditions including variable-winds (winds less than 10 mph). The energy-source is mother nature's (wind or waves). To get rid of birds simply snap on the head and tail and watch the "Gulls Gotta Go Bird Cat" scare the birds away!


Boats, Docks, Gardens, Patios, Pools and Porches

  • Simulates a life-like predator
  • Weather-proof 
  • Continually moves via natural energy-sources (wind or waves)
  • Tethers to secure surface
  • Humane bird control
  • Keeps pests away
  • No messy clean-up
  • No maintenance 
  • Money-back guarantee 

Our mission statement is to continually develop humane solutions which will keep bird-residue off your property ....or your money back. 

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