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Review 5 of 5 Stars " Been using the Gull Cats for over a year. Just ordered another 3 Gull Cats. They work for me." RT, Onset Oyster Farm, Buzzard Bay, MA
Review 5 of 5 Stars "We just put in a new dock, it immediately became a second home for pelicans, seagulls, and“ herons. Happy to report that within a day of putting our Bird Cat 'Blackie' it keeps birds off our dock as in clean as a whistle! Many thanks!!” Rob Pisani, Stuart, FL                 
Review 4 of 5 Stars  “We never placed the screen around the pool after the hurricane. Birds loved doing their business in our pool. Not now.” Perritte, Ft Lauderdale, FL
 Review 5 of 5 Stars “The birds even walked up the ramp into our yard until I put the Cat bird   deterrent under one of the dock benches.” Leanna W, Reedville, MD
  Review 5 of 5 Stars “We live on the dock day and night. Our dog and the ducks are the only ones hate the Gulls Gotta Go cat.” Linda Paris, Holiday Lakes, TX 
Review 5 of 5 Stars “Cats attack pigeons, ducks, and seagulls ask any Cat. It works.” Bobby Whear, Damariscotta, ME 
Review 3 of 5 Stars “How about a free cat or possible refund... within 2 days a hawk grabbed the cat and flew away?” Steve Kenny, Oriental, NC 
Review 5 of 5 Stars “Never happy with washing the bird toot off the boat. Googled solutions and walla, now I’m happy not having to wash off the mess.” Billy K, Stuart, FL
  Review 5 of 5 Stars   “Since nothing has worked to date keeping birds off my boat I took a chance and  bought a Bird Cat. My bird-residue problem disappeared. Brian Galvin, Gloucester, MA      
Review 5 of 5 Stars   “I have the cleanest float and pier in the Harbor.” DB, Marblehead, MA
Review 1 of 5 Stars  “Cat was back ordered for 2 weeks. Asked for a refund.” M Simmi, Naples, FL 
 Review 4 of 5 Stars “I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the Bird Cat. It has kept my dock clear of ducks and geese—and their awful feces which covered the dock in the past—day and night. It really works!” Howie H.,  WYC, Watertown, MA
Review 4 of 5 Stars  “Thanks, Capt Bobby. I have tried the plastic owl, then I saw your moving cat decoy and said why not. Haven’t washed poop off the dock all summer.” Kevin A, Upper Whitefish Lake, MN 
 Review 4 of 5 Stars "Birds landed in my pool every night. Not now. You want to get rid of birds buy a Bird Cat. Thxs RB" 
Review 5 of 5 Stars  “Have our boat and summer cottage on the Gulf. I spent my free time washing bird poop. Not's been 3 months and wanted to let Gulls Gotta Go..many thxs." David Sears, Montegomery, Alabama 
 Review 3 of 5 Stars “Spent too much of my money on bird products which worked then didn't work. Some never worked.  Sending you a note.....the past week this products works and I look forward to the next new version someday. Took almost two weeks to be delivered." Barry S., St Cloud, MN 
Review 3 of 5 Stars  “Our situation was hopeless. Every dock is covered and I mean covered. With the Bird Cat, all the geese left however once in awhile I wake up to see one or two at the dock". William T.,  Shoreside Town, SC 
 Review 5 of 5 Stars “Never would I of believed. Two weeks and the  birds  are on my neighbors dock not mine". Great Bird Deterrent!  Linda R., Long Beach, CA 
Review 5 of 5 Stars " very happy with keeping pigeons off my balcony ...want to be a distributor or reseller of the Bird Cat". Richard Dexter,   MD 
 Review 3 of 5 Stars   “Bought 2 Bird Cats. They are expensive but are working fine on my 40x20 dock. Pain moving them all the time to give the look they're alive."    Dan C., Clearwater, FL 
Review 4 of 5 Stars"Bird Cats are getting rid of the birds, especially geese, the pool is clean." Many Thxs Elenor L., MI  
Review 4 of 5 Stars  “Cats are keeping the seagulls off my canvas top. So far so good. Thxs   Francis C., York, ME 
Review 4 of 5 Stars  "I never liked a bird repellent solution. I like the Bird Cat because it's working. I'll love the product if it remains consistent." Joe L., Clearwater, FL
Review 4 of 5 Stars  "As a bird control product Bird Cat works, the pool is clean. I requested an overnight, didn't receive the product till the fifth day. Ben Driscoll, Phoenix. 
 Review 5 of 5 Stars  "This product did what it did. Keeps geese off my lawn. I bought one then second." Bob King, Tampa, FL 
Review 3 of 5 Stars   “Work fine for two months kept ducks off my dock. Now we have a few bold ducks but my dock's not covered with duck droppings! Martin L., NC 
Review 3 of 5 Stars  “ Couldn't keep Seagulls off our boat, dock and ramp until I bought this bird deterrent. It's only been 3 weeks so giving it 3 stars and hoping to give it 5  stars." Sara L., Sand Diego, CA  
 Review 5 of 5 Stars “Tried everything to stop seagulls pooping on my patio. I call it Tiger. Love watching the seagulls hover over my neighbours awning.not mine." Barbara K., Huntington Beach, CA  
 Review 5 of 5 Stars  I have the cleanest float and pier in the Harbor.” DB, Marblehead, MA
 Review 4 of 5 Stars"Gave up on bird repellents tried everything. My cousin purchased the Bird Cat and told me when his dog tried attached it he knew it was going to work. So far so good." Jeb N., Seattle, WA
 Review 4 of 5 Stars "Keeps seagulls off boat...keeps cormorants off my dock. Though cormorants have landed on my ramp. I'm giving one to my father for the holidays." Fernanda Silva, Taunton, MA   
 Review 3 of 5 Stars  “Tried everything, was skeptical, threw caution to the wind. Surprised but a few birds have come back however not close to what we had before. Hoping all goes well." M.K, Columbus, OH   
  Review 4 of 5 Stars    “To get rid of the birds I placed one upon the bow. T.D, Lake Cumberland.           
 Review 5 of 5 Stars “Best pigeon deterrent I've found. Everyone on my side of the building has pigeons on their balcony once or twice a day. Loud and messy. NOT now  ..Thxs" L.P , MI