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Gull Cat - How to Keep Birds Off

$ 49.99
Bird repellent and bird deterrent ready to pounce upon prey. Years of testing has provided a bird control solution that spooks birds, get rid of birds, keep birds out, keep birds away and keep birds off your property. Stop pigeons, duck, geese, cormorants, herons, etc. from landing.   as a seagull deterrent scaring and keeping seagulls away stop seagulls, gets rid of seagulls in addition to nuisance birds and  problem birds.  Prevents birds nesting and landing on your balcony, acts as a pigeon repellent / pigeon deterrent. Out performs classic fake plastic owl decoys all while washing your floors and taking out the trash? All while expressly and importantly acting as a humane bird control solution. Our goal is to .give you, your family and friends additional time to enjoy what we love ... our patios, porches, pools, lawns, docks, boats and the outdoors or your money back.